#13 CHERRY HILL/TACKLE Coffee Table Practice Pad

Product Description


DARK MAHOGANY leather pad


We are deeply honored to present a new collaboration between Tackle Instrument Supply and John Haddad of CHERRY HILL Drums : the Limited Edition Practice Pad.

With the woodcraft provided by the master craftsman John Haddad and the proprietary leather playing surface provided by Tackle Instrument Supply, these are truly some of the nicest looking practice pads on the market.  Assembled in the Tackle shop in Minneapolis, MN, these practice pads have a feel that is unique and has a natural rebound that is not rubbery or synthetic.  

This piece is worthy of a permanent place on any coffee table.  

Available in very limited editions."

Wood diameter- 7 inches
Leather playing surface diameter- 5.5 inches
Cymbal stand insert- 8mm

$ 205.00